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Welcome to DUO Corporation

With classic Westchester Modular Homes design you get new home crafting, quality, efficiency, and style into every square foot of your Vermont dream home built by Duo Corporation. Discover the level of custom home design, engineering, service and custom homes that Westchester Modular Homes has to offer.

Westchester's success in residential housing is in large part due to its ability to anticipate and quickly respond to the needs of the prospective home buyer.

If you are looking for Efficiency and Quality control in your new home design, contact us for classic Westchester Modular homes! We offer quality built homes and service all of Vermont and the entire northeast.

DUO's success in residential housing is mostly due to DUO's ability to respond to the needs of its prospective home buyers. The ability to customize to meet customers' needs and tastes. Flexible floor plans with many opportunities within our own options and upgrades. Utilizing the finest and most versatile modular home developers in Westchester Modular Homes, giving us the diversity of the very high end home construction to the more reasonably priced yet extremely high quality construction. Efficiency and Quality control with your new home with DUO Corporation!

We'll build you a home... not just a house

  • Our goal is to deliver the highest quality services efficiently.
  • Careful planning is our means to deliver the most value in a timely manner for a satisfied customer.
  • Efficient construction is our manager's goal. This goal is achieved by trust in a team effort of owners, architects, engineers and contractors.
  • A team of high quality professional individuals and construction services deliver the highest quality results for our customers.

DUO has offices in Bennington, Vermont, and West Bridgewater, Vermont. The founder of the company is Robert Newsome, who is involved with the day-to-day sales and operations of the company.

If you're interested in learning more about us, please email us and let us know. We can set up an appointment or a visit to our model home in Bennington, Vermont.

DUO Corporation, Administrative Office
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